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Private Duty Nursing

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Welcome to Elite Private Recovery RN, where we are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality of post-operative care in the comfort of your own home or hotel. Our private duty nursing services are tailored to support your individual recovery journey after cosmetic or reconstructive surgery.

Post-Operative Recovery Support

Our dedicated and experienced nurses provide personalized care tailored to your specific needs. We help manage pain, monitor vital signs, and provide wound care. Our nurses also educate patients and families on proper self-care techniques to ensure a smooth and successful recovery. With our support, you can rest easy knowing that you are in the most capable hands.

What is Private Duty Nursing?

Private Duty Nursing provides one on one care in the comfort of the patients home or hotel. Each patient will have a tailored care plan that focuses on their specific surgery. This care plan will guide the recovery process to ensure a smooth and successful recovery.

Benefits of Post-Op Private Duty Nursing:

  • Personalized and individualized care tailored to your specific needs
  • Care and support in the comfort of your own home
  • Reduced risk of infection and complications
  • Faster recovery and return to daily activities
  • Reduced stress and anxiety associated with recovery
  • Increased independence and self-care skills
  • Proactive pain management and symptom management

Private Duty Nurses Can:

  • Monitor vital signs and provide pain management
  • Administer medications and wound care
  • Help with mobility and physical therapy exercises
  • Provide patient and family education on self-care and recovery
  • Assist with daily activities such as bathing, dressing, and grooming
  • Coordinate with physicians and other healthcare providers
  • Provide emotional and psychological support
  • Provide 24-hour care and support as needed

Your Post-Operative Recovery Experience

The Recovery Room

Upon arrival at the office, your private nurse will assist the recovery nurse with the remainder of your recovery process. Together, they will work as a team to place the initial dressings, check for abnormal swelling, monitor vital signs, provide adequate hydration, and assist in getting the initial garment on. After completing this in the office, your nurse will escort you back to your home or hotel to continue the recovery process.

The First Night

Upon arrival at your home or hotel, your nurse will take all necessary precautions to ensure your comfort and safety. She will ensure your positioning is appropriate based upon the surgery you had, monitor vital signs to maintain appropriate blood pressure, and ensure adequate hydration. Hydration can include additional IV fluids as well as oral hydration. If you have drains, they will be monitored and measured to ensure they are working correctly. You will be encouraged to walk every 2 hours with assistance from your nurse and your surgical sites will be frequently assessed whether you had body surgery or face/neck surgery.

Post-Op Days 1-2

The first 48 hours can be challenging. You will begin to feel all of your surgical sites and incisions as the pain blocks begin to wear off. Your pain/discomfort will be controlled with the oral medications prescribed in addition to your vital signs being monitored. Again, hydration will be monitored and these 2 days you will be assisted with your first shower as this can be difficult. Walking is very important and monitoring bowel function will be a top priority in any post abdominal surgery patient.

Post-Op Days 3-4

Days 2 to 4 of your recovery will be similar to the first day or two, but the recovery process will gradually become easier as the days progress. Your nurse will continue to assist you with walking every two hours, dressing the incision(s), and replacing any garments that are required. Your medications and drains will continue to be managed while maintaining your safety.